Dream Weaving..

A tribute to Amano’s amazing knitters and weavers who tirelessly work away on my ideas until they come to fruition. AMANO is a S L O W process of many WOMAN hours, which go into each and every piece. To only imagen now, not so long ago, we made everything […]

Colour Lab…

  Alpaca fleece in its glorious raw form. By this stage it has been sorted, carded and prepared to be spun. Dyeing chemical treatments weaken the fibre, However with Alpaca this process  is not required, as this incredible fibre has unique colour variations which are highly desirable in their natural […]

Suri love..

Amano is working  in collaboration with “Super-Suri”- the only Australian company producing Australian Suri Alpaca Fleece and transforming it into the magnificent Suri Yarn. Suri Alpaca is the highest grade of Alpaca fleece, offering incredibly soft and lustrous qualities no other natural Fibre can produce. It’s thermal properties allow us […]